Trying A Trend For Fashion Week? How To Make Blue Eyeshadow Wearable

With New York Fashion Week in full swing, I’m frantically considering my options for LFW. I think it’s probably one of the only times where I actually try something remotely trendy and where I finally wear something different. (what, no workwear and blazers??? Shock horror)

Same with the makeup, whether it’s an obscure colour lip (remember this lilac lip fail anyone?) or a bold eyeshadow, it always tends to be about going outside the colour comfort zone. So what’s new for eyeshadow this season then?

With the retro trend that’s been refusing to end, I thought how about something bold and totally 80’s, like blue eyeshadow?! Yup, not outrageous I know but that’s literally as far as I’m pushing it,  hey – for a girl who’s sworn to neutral and bronze lids, channeling blue on my eyes is a pretty big deal. 

But how do we make it wearable? Well, I’ve had been basically experimenting with makeup since I was about 9 and I think I’ve found out!! Here are my top tips for applying coloured eyeshadow – without looking like a trend slave!

Define It.

Colour is great but it can detract from your natural lash line and can make eyes look tired or unnatural. For a hint of definition, I like to wiggle black kohl into the base of my lashes but to be honest, my makeup doesn’t hint at anything so it’s gotta be a quick slick of my favourite liquid eyeliner (which is Stila Stay All Day Eyeliner because it’s super sharp and the ink flow is MEGA.)

50 Shades Of Blue

It’s all about picking the right tone for you. If you’re tanned and golden, then bright, turquoise or peacock shades will really pop. For those who know their way round a smokey eye, try changing your black and grey for navy. That’s what I’ve done here – essentially a smokey eye but with a bit of light and shade to prevent the colour from looking too solid.

This is the Japonesque Eyeshadow Duo in Shade 04, a gorgeous mix of purple taupe and grey navy.

Don’t forget to blend.

Honestly, I was really quite bad at applying eyeshadows until I realised the trick was blending the outer lines so that the shadow diffuses gently outwards. A fluffy brush in circular motions is ideal for this, but make sure the head is small enough that it’s only blending the outside line.

Draw A Line Under It.

If you’re not keen on doing the whole eyelid, under the eye is a great place to experiment with colour. Try a line of colour where you would normally put eyeliner. You can line just the lower lid or try a darker shade to line on top too. 

For extra definition, I like to do a ring of bright blue, before adding liquid eyeliner and apply heaps of mascara everywhere else. I like Maybelline Color Tattoo in Turquoise Forever or Barry M Eyeshadow Pencil in Blue

Finally, I really recommend just GOING for it. Practice the look if you need to. 

You really don’t know what suits you until you’ve tried it. I just don’t know why I wait until the biggest social media week of my season to do it. Yup, get ready for life long documentation of my next fashion fail!!

Are you going to be at London Fashion Week? Let me know! What’s your view on coloured eyeshadow? Should it stay in the 80’s?

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