Mallorca Holiday Style Blog: Eyelash Extensions & Leather

Honey, I’m home! Villa life on the Spanish island of Mallorca was amazing, but of course it went far too quickly! One week away from blogging, so I guess I owe you a little holiday summary of what went down and what I wore! (stay tuned for my biggest holiday beauty secret!)

We had a little villa tucked away in a gorgeous coastal bay called Cala Pi. Yup, I’m definitely too old for Magaluf these days. We were literally on the cliffs, it had such a gorgeous view of the sea and the Spanish sunsets. Check out this Shepherds Delight scene!


Nothing quite beats drinking Sangria, in 30 degrees, whilst reading trashy 99p Kindle books – oh yeah and floating in a rubber ring! Despite looking like I’m “a frat boy at a pool party with Calvin Harris” (according to Mr FV, the bastard) – it was awesome. Until wearing the cap backwards tanned a square into my forehead. NOT cool but thankfully easily concealed by foundation.

Holiday Beauty Essentials

Go on then, what is it? Errr, HELLO NEW LASHES.

Yup, you got me – faking it is the best way to sort your holiday makeup. Eyelash extensions place individual lashes onto your own, making them look a bit more natural than false strip lashes. They’re also much lighter, you won’t even know you’re wearing them.

I love getting eyelash extensions before holiday as it means I don’t need to worry about waterproof mascara, or any sort of makeup other than some SPF and some brows (obvs). 

They last a couple of weeks, if you look after them you can have them on for a while! These lash pictures are after a week in the sun, on the beach and in the pool – so they’ve held up pretty nicely!

Eyelash extensions can be pricey though – normally about £70-£120 depending on where you’re getting them done and how many lashes you’re having applied  (in case you’re wondering, it’s about 2-3 extensions per real lash)

Now that’s nothing I can really afford to do regularly so the answer is GROUPON. You can find a lot of eyelash deals out there where you can get a full set for about £25. Now, that’s a price I like! I’m going to do a full post after Fashion Week on how to look after your lashes, and the different kinds of lashes you can get.

Holiday Bargain Buys.

I don’t really do postcards or souvenirs but I love treating myself to a special item everytime I go on holiday – sort of my own style souvenir I guess? 

I went to a little town called Inca, where they have a weekly market which sells lots of stuff, particularly leather goods! I ended up buying a pair of soft leather slippers (basically ankle Uggs) and THIS gorgeous leather coat.

First of all, WELL DONE to Mr FV who has managed to take a picture that’s in focus and not blurry. Anyone else’s other halves somehow inept with cameras??

Buttery soft and velvetty, this leather coat by Stradivarius is a sort of trench/jacket/shirt dress and I LOVE IT. I’ve never actually treated myself to a leather jacket before, I’ve only ever borrowed/stolen my mum’s so I’m really pleased to have finally got myself one.

And even better, it was only about £65! How great is that?! I’ll be wearing this with polo necks and A-line skirts to channel the 70’s trend, or with skinny black trousers and a marl t-shirt for a casual, yet effortlessly chic vibe. All after giving it a thorough pre-treatment with a suede protector of course!

The only downside is that it smells a little bit like bacon at the moment, as it’s 100% pig leather, but I’ve already worn it out and about the house, and it’s definitely coming to work with me, paired with a white shirt and black cigarette pants. WAHOO. Holiday souvenir!

Like my new leather goods? Been to Mallorca? Is your partner rubbish at taking photos too?

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