See Ya Later – Off On Holiday!

So I’m off! There’s going to be a couple of days silence as I’ll be sunning myself on a beach in Majorca. (see random Majorca beach stock photo above)

AND THIS POOL!! Sorry for the bad pictures but I’m struggling to work out how to copy and paste pictures on this Chromebook.  I cannot wait to get some Insta-worthy shots of me looking into wistfully into the distance.

Look at that view, I cannot WAIT. For more smug holiday updates, you can follow my Instagram or Facebook page. Will try and get some funny tan line pics in there for you… and of course food. LOTS of food. Who am I kidding? Its mainly going to be booze.


Sorry for the holiday smugness – hope you all have a fabulous week! Tweet me your thoughts @FaceValueBlog or send me a comment on Facebook!

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