Christmas Is Coming: Gifts All Wrapped Up At Lush Cosmetics!

This will sound seriously mental but… I had my first Mince Pie of the year the other day. Yup. Christmas, in October. But the festive season isn’t that far away you know. Xmas lights are up on Oxford Street. Christmas gift ranges are in store. Can’t escape it, CHRISTMAS 2015 IS COMING.

To be fair, as a big fan of cinnamon, spice and all things nice, I’m always excited for the release of the Christmas ranges and today’s Xmas blast is EVEN better, because it’s from one of my favourite beauty brands, LUSH COSMETICS!!(Christmas AND Lush, could there BE anymore exclamation marks?)

I was treated to a little Christmas Treasure Hunt around the Lush Oxford Street store the other week, and not only did I end up getting familiar with the WHOLE Christmas gift range, I also ended up finding a selection of goodies to take home in my santa sack (aka a Lush Knot Wrap scarf made of TWO recycled plastic bottles)

It’s back! Originally released in a Halloween range, the Lord Of Misrule is back as a shower cream. You may have used the Lord Of Misrule bath bomb (bright green, with a blood red middle!) and this shower cream is the same scent of vanilla, patchouli and black pepper – Mr FV loves to use it too.

The cream texture is more moisturising than the shower gels and for added shower lols, the bright green colour makes you look like Shrek! (until it washes off, of course)

I am IN LOVE with this Magical Moringa moisturiser. It’s weird because I wouldn’t really call it a moisturiser. It’s more of a moisturising balm primer. Basically, it’s hard like a balm, before it melts into skin like a velvetty oil. It then dries to a super matte, silky finish – like a primer (without all the nasty silicone!)

I’m undecided what skin this is for – in general I’d lean towards oily, because it’s not actually very moisturising. However, I had a cold and my nose was peeled to bits and this balm actually did a fantastic job of smoothing out all the crispy bits. Also a little bit goes a long way, so I think it’s worth the £28 price tag.

This Lush Lipstick in Amazing – is frankly amazing. It’s part of the usual Emotional Brilliance range, but those usually come in a bottle and the actual stick formats are only available at Lush Oxford Street.

The colour payoff is fantastic, it’s a full coverage lipstick, made of all natural ingredients (like these Burt’s Bees Lip Crayons, but not as balmy in feel)

This lipstick is super long lasting, and the texture is great for a natural lipstick. 

I’m super pleased with it, I’m definitely going to buy more!

The Best Christmas Gift

This is the question you all want to know eh? There are so many fantastic gifts in the range – special mentions to this Seasons Greetings guy gift which features the new beard wash and the Magic Carpet gift box which has one of everything you need for a full body pamper session – it also comes in a beautiful knot wrap scarf!

If you know someone who takes regular baths – then it’s no brainer, it’s got to be the Winter Wonderland gift set which has no less than TWENTY bath bits to bomb and bubble up in the bath.

Personally, I’m not a big bath person so I’ve been getting acquainted with the Under The Mistletoe box, which is PERFECT for couples. Full of sensual products with cheeky names like Oral Pleasure and Sex Bomb bath bomb, you can have your own Xmas turn on without being on Oxford Street, wheyyy.

Oh, and of course, this adorable Christmas knot wrap scarf!! Love it so much! As if it’s made out of plastic bottles.. Definitely going to be rocking this around my neck in December.

Anything here take your fancy? Do you have any favourite Lush products? CAN YOU BELIEVE THERE’S ONLY 10 MORE SUNDAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS?

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