Younger Looking Super Skin With The New Liz Earle Superskin Serum

With the end of October in sight, winter is fully on the way and my skin is already feeling the cold. With cold weather comes dry patches of skin, sore lips and dull, pale faces – how do we fix this?

It’s simple, get invested into your skincare routine! Now that I’m well over 25, the days of just applying a bit of Nivea and hoping for the best are officially over. I’ve had to accept that I need to actually do a bit more with my skincare these days, it’s not just remembering to take off my makeup after a night out (which is hard enough as it is!!)

Here’s a few new things I’ve been doing to change up my daily cleansing routine. This, in addition to my purchase of a blanket, a slow cooker and some slippers makes me SO READY FOR WINTER. Bring it on.

Natural Beauty

I’m avoiding silicone and sulphate packed skincare and trying to keep it natural. The outputs are only as good as what you put in right?

Think brands like Lush Cosmetics (my advance peek at the Lush Christmas range here), Antipodes New Zealand (I love this Aura Face Mask) and Liz Earle. Check the ingredients in your skincare products today!

Keep Balm And Cleanse On

I’ve changed my gel cleanser for a cream or balm cleaser, which at first freaked me out but has actually had a really positive impact on my skin – balancing out any dry patches, without breaking my oily skin out. (phew)

Get A Serious Serum

We’ve heard it all before, use a serum before moisturiser – and I’ve always been a bit meh about the idea. However, I’ve started using the new Liz Earle Superskin serum and it is genuinely GREAT.

Used first thing in the morning, it adds radiance to my skin, whilst keeping it moisturised. It’s also lightweight enough that I actually want to layer a moisturiser on the top  (previously serums have always felt quite heavy and I didn’t want to use moisturiser – and thus ended up with dehydrated skin)

With ingredients like Pomegranate Flower and Persian Silk Tree extract (fancyyyy), I don’t worry at all about what’s going onto my skin. It’s a great introduction to anti-ageing for those of you not yet over 30!

At £48, it’s a bit pricier than my usual serum budget of about £30, but I think it’s worth it. I would buy this again for myself, especially when used in conjunction with the rest of the Liz Earle range (cough Cleanse & Polish anyone?)

If you’re still dubious on party ways with your pounds, I would recommend that you try a sample of Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish cleanser first, because it was my experience with that which really what swayed me with the Superskin serum.

Check out my Good Skin Tips video

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Zoe Bayliss Wong
Zoe Bayliss Wong

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