Money Monday: How To Earn More Cash With A Side Hustle

So there isn’t exactly a formula for getting rich quick, but there’s definitely a secret that helped me earn (and save) thousands of pounds over the last few years. The secret, my friends, is called a side hustle. 

A side hustle? Y’know, a part time job or way of earning money that isn’t your regular day–to-day. Blogging is a great example of how you can earn extra money whilst working a full time job but let’s be honest, taking selfies and proclaiming your life’s details online isn’t for most normal people.

The good news is that there are PLENTY of opportunities for a side hustle – so you can pick whatever suits your skills and, more importantly, whatever suits the spare time you have!

My not-so-secret second job, it has it’s perks!

Today’s blog has really come out of the fact that these awful Paris events have reminded me that life is short and I want to be using my time as wisely as possible and living life to the full. Don’t get me wrong, living life to the full does NOT meant that you need to be breaking your back working towards your dreams every single minute of the day. If you genuinely value the enjoyment of Netflix and Chill (in a onesie, with wine) like I do, then it’s hella fine to do that too.

Look, there’s enough friggin pressure as it is for everyone to have their dream job, whilst juggling good finances, a blossoming family AND be learning three kinds of Chinese – so use your time as YOU want. But if you want to earn some more cash and you think you might have a teeny bit of time, then read on cos a side hustle could change your life AND your finances.

I work in an office every day but outside of work, it’s all about the side hustle.

We all know that working more is basically earning more but is there time? Forget the fact that I already work a 45hour week in a full time job. Forget the fact that I’m tired and would rather just watch TV when I get home. 

I say I have no spare time, but when I reeeeally think about it – there’s 20 minutes on the train to work, there’s 20 minutes in my lunch break if I wanted to sit at my desk, there’s at least an hour at home after work, 2 hours if I don’t have to cook or wash up. Don’t even get me started on weekends. Lie-ins are the antichrist against productivity but they are so, SO goooood. 

My point is – there’s more free time in the day then you might think.

My current side hustle? 

I started a blog and I now freelance for Yahoo Style, earning cash for each post that I do. I have also done a few promotional films, presenting and video editing for brands. Not a bad use of evenings and weekends for a finance bod like me.

Previous side hustles? 

I’ve been hustling since I realised that more money buys shoes. They don’t even have to be ‘real jobs’ you know – at school, we didn’t have a yearbook – so I got everyone to submit a profile, got it bound into books and sold them on for dollaaaaars.

At uni, I was a club guestlist manager for 5 clubs in town, getting a pound for every head I put on the guestlist, and more for every ticket that I sold. (Get asked to put a party on the guestlist and that’s a minimum £20 for the 4 minutes spent emailing names over to the club-  you then get let in for free and often have your drinks sorted all evening so REALLY recommend it if you’re at Uni!)

Part-time job, I used to work at Boots (which I honestly blame for my beauty addiction). In the holidays, I was a waitress and all-round glass breaker at a bar.  Oh, and I was also a food taster one summer, though it’s not as glamourous as it seems. (I’m talking about tasting two kinds of butter and rating them for 1) butteryness 2) butter like flavour and 3) butter-texture. Are these not ALL THE SAME? Still, £10 a go – I’ll eat butter for £10.)

Suggestions For Your Side Hustle 

When deciding how you want to earn cash, you need to think about what you’re personally good at, and how much time you can spare – remember, it doesn’t have to be whole afternoons or anything like that, you can use 10 minutes here and there too!

Mystery Shopper – get paid to buy things from shops and then rating their service – I wrote a whole post on this here (Money Monday: Shop In Secret! ), and I think it sounds great! When working in Boots, we were always trained for being prepared for a visit from a mystery customer. Anyone who asked you a question that was remotely more detailed than “where is the toothpaste” ALWAYS got my 5* service..

Blogging – the side-hustle du jour, done rightly, blogging can earn you a decent bit of extra cash, not to mention free products in return for reviews. Just be careful not to end up ONLY taking paid opportunities, otherwise your personal blog very quickly becomes a tacky advertising board.

Tutor – You don’t have to have a degree in the subject, especially if you’re teaching lower level. I have friends that charge anything between £15-£40 an hour. If you’re starting out, it’s probably best to join an agency but they take a cut of the earnings so you might want to try and arrange it privately. And sometimes you don’t even have to ‘teach’ a subject – one of my friends is hired to create an exam environment for their kids sitting practice papers and literally just sits there and times a group of kids while they do an 11+ paper!

Social Media consulting – Are you a bit of whizz on facebook or twitter? There are plenty of businesses out there who desperately want help understanding how to even use ‘the Facebook’. You could offer a couple of how-to sessions, or you could even be their Social Media Manager and manage their Facebook page. I do this for my cousin, explaining the difference between a Facebook Page and a Facebook Profile.

Virtual Personal Assistant – join a site like Time Etc , or Task Rabbit – you can help people with whatever they need doing, whether it’s admin work, proofreading or more physical work like helping someone eBay their unwanted clothes or mowing a lawn, the possibilities are endless!

Where do your skills lie? If you’ve got a spare Saturday, you could be a freelance makeup artist, a session photographer, a personal trainer, yoga teacher or even a website designer – what are you good at?


  • Learning to manage your time and energy, forcing you to make the most of your time.
  • Getting better at multitasking and organising.
  • Having an extra string to your bow and a new ‘hobby’.
  • Getting to spend more time in something you’re actually interested in.


  • Physical exhaustion
  • It’s very easy to take on too much, too soon.
  • You need to know when to give up if it’s not working out
  • Sometimes, when you’re frantically trying to meet a deadline at 10pm, you do think “Why couldn’t I just have stayed in and watched Netflix?”

So there we go – a couple of suggestions for your side hustle! Start making the most of your time and turning time into cash! 

Do you have a side hustle? Have they become more common these days? Do you feel pressure to be juggling lots of things or would you rather be chillin? Tweet me your thoughts @FaceValueBlog or send me a comment on Facebook!

Zoe Bayliss Wong
Zoe Bayliss Wong

Zoe is a Forbes ’30 under 30′ finance pro, style writer, presenter and panellist, working for a fashion startup and trying to live that best life in the most IRL way possible.

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