NEW HAIRSTYLE! I Cut My Long Hair Off And Ended Up With..

When is the right time to cut your hair? I love changing my hairstyle and colour but a haircut just seems so permanent, and irreversible. Especially when you haven’t cut your hair in years!! Yup, seriously, the last time I had my haircut professionally, Brad Pitt was still with Jennifer Aniston (dream couple still!). 

I’ve spent the last few years just chopping and trimming my own ends – no wonder I ended up with very, very long hair!

Then something just clicked and I really fancied a change. The long length was just getting a bit too high maintenance, always getting tangled in zips and ensnaring small creatures.

But how short should I cut my hair? What suits my face? Should I change my fringe? Why is my forehead so unnecessarily large?! ALL very important questions that I asked myself before deciding on the cut I wanted. (For more on this decision process, watch my YouTube Video “How To Get A Great Haircut”)

After plenty of hairstyle soul searching, I finally took the plunge and took a trip to The Chapel hair salon in Islington, where I was met by the delightful Gigi. We had a great consultation in this gorgeous sofa area (with hot chocolate shots!!) where Gigi and I discussed the vision for my hair, at length.

The consultation was great – it was relaxed and detailed and I actually really enjoyed it, SOOO much better than whizzing some instructions at someone via a mirror. Gigi got to know more about the reasons for the haircut, how much of a product addict I was – and she liked my Pinterest collage too! 

Gigi also then got out some images on the iPad and we talked about what I liked/didn’t like about each hairstyle. It is so important that the hairdresser knows what you don’t like as well as what you want.

The Chapel is a great, stylish salon which I will definitely come back to. Firstly, they charge stylists by the hour rather than the particular treatment – so you can get whatever products and styling that you actually want without worrying about costs.

Despite being set just a minute away from Angel station, The Chapel is an oasis of instagrammable interior calm. It has a real boutique feel but is actually very well priced – you can get a stylist from £49 per hour.

I first had my hair treated with Olaplex, a treatment which repairs the bonds within the hair shaft. Masks and conditioners seal the surface of the hair but Olaplex actually works to reconnect the bonds which are broken through hair colouring and lightening. 

Olaplex was applied to my dry hair, before being combed through and left to sit for 5 minutes, before a second Olaplex perfector is applied and washed out. You also get a small bottle of Olaplex to keep up the re-bonding process during home shampoos – it’s like coming out with a goody bag!

The best thing about Olaplex is that it can also be integrated into a hair colouring treatment, helping to reverse the damage from bleaching. GENIUS IDEA non? I will 100% be using Olaplex with my next salon colour trip as my hair does feel much healthier, lighter and softer. Why didn’t I know about this sooner?

But enough about the texture and condition – let’s look at the new style…

Long Hair Before..

…My New Lob!

Inspired by a bit of an Alexa Chung meets Kylie Jenner, I chose a long bob because a) it seemed less scary than going FULL bob and b) you can still put it into a ponytail.  (though really it looks very much like the fountain ponytails you had as a kid)

I absolutely love it – it’s the perfect length for flipping it around like a carefree Parisian. Gigi and The Chapel really nailed exactly what I wanted – possibly a FIRST for any hair salon ever. I don’t think I’ve ever been this happy coming out of a haircut. (though I had my hair cut at Supercuts before, so probably should have known that one in advance..)

Now I just need to work out how to style it… oh god, it’s like being back to the hair styling drawing board. Gigi curled the ends and then ruffled it up – whether I can recreate it at home or not is another issue. Guess I think we found the theme of my next Youtube video! That, and how to get the purple back in my hair…..

With thanks to Gigi at The Chapel Islington, follow them on Twitter here.

Any of you shoulder length gal got any tips on how to style it? What do you think of my new do?! 

Are you considering the chop, or have you had it done recently?

Are you Brangelina or Braniston?

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Zoe Bayliss Wong
Zoe Bayliss Wong

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