Glitter Lips – The Must-Have Xmas Party Makeup

Its the party season and what spells PARDY more than glitter makeup? As a contact lens wearer, I try to steer clear of glittery eyes, in favour of foil effects instead but it’s open season for glittery lips and I have found the PERFECT glitter lip kit that I cannot waaaaait to tell you about.

I’ve already worn the Glitter Lips to three Xmas parties and they have gone down a storm – seriously, so many compliments and they’re a great conversation starter!

Glitter Lips are not a tattoo, or a transfer – you literally apply glue (similar to eyelash glue), wait for it to dry clear and then pat on the glitter. After dusting off the excess, you end up with long lasting glitter which does not come off – even when eating and boozing!!

There are a few Glitter Lip kits around, but I’m not keen on using strange glue from unbranded products on eBay, particularly when it’s going on my mouth. It’s important to know that your glitter is cosmetic grade glitter, you can NOT use craft glitter!


The original Glitter Lip kit is quite consistent in price and costs about £12.50 at every retailer I’ve checked. However it looks the most legit out of all the lip kits I’ve seen and I trust the glue that comes with it. The colour is Cherry Pie – a sort of purple, fuschia shade

I also tried a cheaper kit from eBay which was about £7 but I chickened out of using the glue since I already tried and tested the Glitter Lips glue and I just used that! The colour is red – but it’s the same as Glitter Lips Ruby Slippers.

I absolutely LOVE these kits, the effect is incredible and they realllly do last the night – even through various drinks and shots (not tested with kissing yet…!)

The feeling is incredibly weird though – like when you eat a doughnut and you get the sugar all over your mouth? (I swear at school we used to challenge each other to eat doughnuts without licking our lips – torture! Hey, this is what happens before you discover booze right?) 

It’s just one of those nails-on-a-blackboard feeling and you sort of end up pouting all night if you’re not used to it. However, the effect is totally, totally worth it.

To remove, just use an oil based eye makeup remover or a cleansing cream. In fact, it’s a great way of exfoliating dry lips afterwards…


What do you think of the effect?! Have you ever tried anything like this? Did you ever do the Doughtnut Challenge?!

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