How To Be A Great Host & Throw The Perfect Xmas Party

December is finally here and it’s Xmas Party season! This week, I’m hosting my own xmas party slash housewarming (despite moving into my house in June – see my ‘Buying A House, What Have I Learnt? Tips From A First Time Buyer’ post here) and today’s post is a list of all the GENIUS things that I’ll be using at my houseparty!

Being a great host is 25% about what you do on the day and 75% about the preparation! It’s not just about providing the snacks and booze y’know, decoration and atmosphere are important too. 

Firstly, I found the most extravagant Christmas tree that would fit in my flat. In fact, it was so extravagant that it didn’t actually fit and I had to take a layer out. Needless to say Mr FV was not very happy with my decision to buy a 10ft tree.

It basically fills my whole living room but I’m so pleased with it! (aka refusing to agree I made a bad choice..)

It is an artificial tree – because I know I wouldn’t clean up after a real tree and I don’t like the idea of cutting trees for a one-time use. I found some amazing scented tree ornaments called Scentsicles which smell JUST like new tree and really fill the whole room with fragrance. 

The scent is really powerful but starts to fade within a fortnight, so you might need two packs if you want new tree smell all season!

I’ve got a great conversation piece in this amazing Star Dish which is a super versatile (and very festive!) dish to use in various ways…

The beautiful Star Dish in Bronze – also available in Silver.

Place pine cones or baubles in it for a decorative centerpiece
Use it as a tray, to carry your visitors glasses of fizz!
Or fill it with snacks and nibbles so your guests can graze..

 It also makes a great planter for mini cactii or candles.

The Drinks

Right, so you’ve got your conversational piece, now let’s talk about the partay! I’ll be serving my guests a winter Pomegranate Sparkler out of this amazing Kilner Drinks Dispenser from John Lewis.

It’s such a cute way for guests to dispense their own drinks, I’ll be filling it with a mix of pomegranate juice, prosecco, Chambord with plenty of ice and slices of orange. When not in use, I can also fill it with dried flowers, or put a large pillar candle in it.

I’m also serving a hot buttered rum (which is every bit as delicious and unhealthy as it sounds!) – essentially spiced butter and sugar, mixed with dark rum and hot water. 

For the kind guests that will be bringing a bottle, I’ve got this genius Chill Cooling Pouring Spout which sits inside your wine bottle, chills the wine and also keeps it cool. Perfect instead of an ice bucket (because how many people have an ice bucket just chillin at home?!) and you don’t even need to take it out of the bottle to pour, the lid allows you to pour wine while it chills! Ideal.

The Atmosphere

For the ultimate, festive atmosphere – you also need a festive scent! Uncovered tealights or votives aren’t ideal if you’ve got lots of guests (fire hazard!!) so I’ve got a large Yankee Candle jar in Spiced Orange. Delicious. 

I also really like the Woodwick range, which uses a traditional wood wick that burns with a comforting crackling sound – like a fireplace. Perfect ambience for your Christmas party!

So there we go – the place looks good, smells good, has chilled wine and beautifully presented food. 

All you have to do now is put on a Christmas playlist and let the good times roll! Happy Xmas party season everyone!

Any favourite items here? Do you have any tried and tested secrets when it comes to hosting a party? Tweet me your thoughts @FaceValueBlog or send me a comment on Facebook!

Zoe Bayliss Wong
Zoe Bayliss Wong

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