Make Your Own Bespoke Nail Polish with Palette London

I love a bit of matchy matchy – whether it’s lips and nails, or matching nails to my shoes. The problem is that I can never get the colour exactly right. Palette London have solved my matching problems by sending over this genius Create Your Own Nail Paint collection and it does exactly what it says on the box!

You get sent a selection of base colours to mix up as you please, into a whole host of colours. It also comes with cute little bottles with teeny tiny mixing balls  that you mix the paint into and pipettes. It’s basically a giant science experiment in the comfort of your sofa and it’s strangely satisfying.

So how does it work?


It’s actually really fun to do, but I warn you to do it on a table, with a spare dish to rest pipettes otherwise your table WILL end up looking like one of those paintings you made as a kid, rolling marbles dipped in paint. Does anyone remember those?? Best way of painting EVER.

I ended up making a deliciously sombre blue-purple and a deep khaki grey, to really reflect the winter weather (and my mood!)

I think this is a really simple but genius idea and I’m surprised that no one’s come up with this sooner! It ticks the boxes in terms of creating EXACTLY the colour you want, as well as scratching that creative itch (especially for those like me who aren’t actually that creative!)

Oh yeah, and it makes a GREAT Xmas present too. Find the Palette London Create Your Own Polish at Boots here!

What do YOU think? Is this not the most obvious yet unexplored idea? Or would your rather save your surfaces and buy a premixed bottle? 

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