VIDEO: How I Dyed My Dark Hair Purple Using Live Color XXL.

So after I cut my long hair short, I was loving the new style but really missing the purple colour I had previously. Having had bleached colour in my hair for so long, going back to my natural colour just felt really flat and myeh- particularly since I’ve FINALLY got a non-corporate finance job where I could rock rainbow hair if I really wanted!

So what did I do? Decided to brave the bleach and do it myself, that’s what! I’ve harped on about colouring my own hair purple in blog posts before, but never caught it on camera. 

Soooo, bleach plus camera, I figured it’s about time – I owe you guys at least one shot of me with a carrier bag on my head right? Check out today’s Youtube video for a step by step on how I achieved this look at home!

The Products

Schwarzkopf Live XXL Luminance Intense Colour & Lift in Ultra Violet £5.49 

Schwarkopf Live XXL Ultra Brights in  94 Purple Punk £5.49

(both of these arecurrently 10% off when you spend over £15 at with code HAIR10)

I used the Colour & Lift to lift my dark hair to a pink/purple base. It says 30 minutes on the box, but to be honest I left mine in for about 50 minutes, and I also used some gentle. indirect heat from a hairdryer to speed up processing time.

I then used the Ultra Brights immediately after, for about 2 hours whilst I caught up on some TV. (I’ll tell you it was some intelligent documentary, but it was most definitely Made In Chelsea and Scream Queens – terrible, I know.)

I find that you can leave the semi permanent stuff on for a while. It doesn’t have any developer in it, it’s more of a stain – some people even swear by sleeping in it  – just make sure to cover your head so you don’t leave a trail of stains behind you!!

I am suuuuper pleased with the results. Like I said in the video, the Colour & Lift took a bit longer to develop and also came out a bit pink, but this is easily neutralised with a blue/purple semi-permanent colour – the important bit is that the black pigment in my hair has been lifted to orange/yellow so that subsequent semi-permanent colour will actually show up!

It’s important to know that this shade isn’t permanent. It WILL fade to orange if you don’t look after it or top it up. 

Once you’ve got the colour, check out my top tips on how to maintain coloured hair here.

What do you think of the new colour? Have you considered colouring your hair at home, or is it strictly salon-only? Tweet me your thoughts @FaceValueBlog or send me a comment on Facebook!

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