Charlotte Tilbury Gift Haul: Filmstar Bronze & Glow and Big Lip Duo!

After a couple of hair posts, I’m back to my original love which is MAKEUP. Today’s cosmetically focused post is about two amazing Charlotte Tilbury products that I got over Xmas. 

Why do I think they’re an amazing beauty buy? First of all, they’re rose gold and look incredible. Secondly, they make my face look incredible too. Winning combination methinks! Charlotte Tilbury makeup is such a luxury for me and I’m desperate to expand my collection (though I’m far too tight to buy it for myself lol)

First up is my new lipstick obsession – i nspired by Kylie Jenner’s big lip craze. (which I know originates from way, way before the Kardashians ever discovered plastic surgery but, given that loads of fangirls are googling “how to get kylie jenner lips”, it only seems right to namedrop her so that my site can climb up the ranks on Google eh?)

Basically, the vibe is brown toned nude lips, with serious overlining around the edges. Enough to give you a bigger looking pout, but not so much that you have two pillows on your chin.

How I Get Bigger Looking Lips

HELLO! This is the Charlotte Tilbury K.IS.S.I.N.G lipstick in Hepburn Honey, which is far more brown toned than anything I own and is part of a colour scheme that I am calling “breige” – a brown, nude toned colour that is actually super flattering on lips, often more flattering than the standard ‘nude lip’. 

With breige lips, my makeup looks instantly more polished, sophisticated and luxe. (ideal for my new year’s resolution to become a real grown up this year..)

I team this with a brown toned lipliner – the Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat in Iconic Nude and it makes my lips look HUGE. Genuinely, I’m so impressed, I’m now doing this on a daily basis. I’ve filmed a quick video too, will release it on my Facebook page very soon – give us a like here?

Next up on the list is the Filmstar Bronze & Glow. It’s a beautiful contour and highlighting palette – obviously you all know what contouring is, so I agree, it’s not groundbreaking but it’s just so devastatingly pretty.

The powders are lightweight and easy to blend – the Sculpt side is slightly firmer, so you get a finer layer of coverage than the highlight side. No bad thing in itself, less is always more and you can build it up, but you pretty much only need one sweep of the highlighting side as it’s a lot more buttery and crumbly in texture.

It is a big investment at £49 – genuinely something that I would LOVE to own, but don’t think I could afford for myself. So massive brownie points to Mr FV who gave it to me for Xmas! (Poor guy got sick of my not-so-subtle hinting probably)

This Bronze & Glow palette will last blooming ages – probably long enough for me to get tired of it and sell it on after I’ve spent 10 months stroking and cooing over it. Preeeeettttyyyyy.

And it’s not just for cheeks either – I use it to contour my nose!

My new Tilbury Tutorial video shows the before and after photos for both these products – can’t wait to upload to my YouTube channel, so get an advance subscribe in and be notified when it goes live.

If you want a spoiler…..I apply the Sculpt side with a pointed, relatively firm brush, before using a smaller, fluffier brush to apply the Highlight powder.

I then get a big Kiko face brush and do a couple of long sweeps outwards to blend together, before setting the whole thing with a light dusting of powder. (My favourite is Dermablend Setting Powder)

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Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow

KISSING Lipstick in Hepburn Honey

Lip Cheat in Iconic Nude

Dermablend Setting Powder

All opinions of Kylie Jenner aside, what do YOU think of ‘breige’ lips? Isn’t this Tilbury palette beautiful? 

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Zoe Bayliss Wong
Zoe Bayliss Wong

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