A WorkOut For Your Face? Forget The Gym, I’m Going to Face Camp!

With the start of the new year comes the inevitable – the diets, the resolutions and (my least favourite) the GYM. Words cannot express how much I hate going to the gym, especially when it’s cold outside and I can just press snooze one more time. So imagine my interest when I found out about a gym for your face? That’s right, you heard me – I’m going to have a nice sit down… and exercise my face.

A workout for your face? Seriously, I was as perplexed (and intrigued) as you probably are. Any exercise whilst sitting down is always preferable. Enter FaceGym, a facial exercise and skincare studio based in Selfridges. It’s meant to be a revolutionary approach to bootcamp that offers a tailored facial workout alongside a juice and nutritional programme (with The Juicery and WelleCo) in order to get your face looking fantastic.

How Does It Work?

Drawing elements of Chinese massage and acupuncture, the facial workout follows the similar steps of a normal work out. But it’s NOT a facial. There are five steps including a warm up, cardio, strength, sculpting and a cool down – these are often things that draw a shudder within me (with the exception of the cool down, cos that bit can not come quick enough for me when in the gym!)

There’s even a mini swiss ball for your face – seriously.  The combination of these techniques is meant to detox the face, whilst toning the facial muscles, boosting blood flow for cell renewal and collagen production. 

FaceCamp is the range of what I like to call “wellness workouts” for your face. So the signature workouts, plus the nutritional support that my hungover, dried out skin is probably cryyying out for.

You can choose from a selection of workouts depending on your skincare concern, but don’t worry, it’s not all “dry skin”, “dehyrdated skin”, “problem skin” boring, bogstandard, textbook skintype categories.  At FaceGym, you can pick from “Phone Face”, “Winter Face” and “Sugar Face” to name a few.

WHat’s Meant To Happen?

The FaceGym workout draws parallels with how your body responds to going to the gym (what? pure terror and hardship? I jest.) Similarly to how your body improves in tone, lift and skin texture after some successful workouts at the gym, the results on your face after micro cardio and strength training are of the same sort. So HELLO toned, smooth, lifted facial contours. 

What do I think?

Personally, i’m fascinated by the concept. There ARE 50+ muscles in your face, so I can kind of see how micro stimulation and massage can work to improve your facial tone and texture.

I’m also keen on any non-invasive ways to beautify your skin. In a world where instant fillers and injections are so readily available, I’m always trying to keep it “old school” I guess?

So there we go, I’m booked in for my first FaceCamp session this weekend. I honestly can’t WAIT to tell you about it – whether it’s the greatest discovery in modern beauty, or whether it was just 30 minutes of swiss-balling my face. (no jokes, you dirty dogs)…….. Stay tuned.

If you’re already so intrigued that you’d like to sort out your own skincare session at FaceGym, you can find out more and book here

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Zoe Bayliss Wong
Zoe Bayliss Wong

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