The Struggle Is Real: Things You Will Realise Cutting Long Hair Short

So it’s been about a month with my new ‘lob’ (long bob) when I previously had Rapunzel-like waist length locks. Not to be overly dramatic but it’s been a bit of a rollercoaster to be honest. 

Sometimes I’m like “I’m freeeee from knots and split ends, I LOVE MY NEW HAIR” and other times I wake up in the morning and am like “HOW do I fix this? I look like a mushroom, this is rubbish” (well – more expletives really, but I’m trying not to get listed as Adult content on Google again…)

So today’s blog post is a collection of realisations I’ve had along the way – if you’ve had a hair transformation recently, let me know if you relate to any of these! Oh yeah, and this Photoshop session was fun too..

Breathing life back into short hair is easy!

How great is this? Gone are the days where heat styling was your only saviour. You can now transform your hair with a quick upside down flip, or a bit of ruffling. RUFFLING, I tell you!!! A touch of dry shampoo scrunched through the ends and voila, office to bar hair, sorted in 10 seconds. I’m experimenting with flipping my fringe onto either side, or down the middle but it’s brilliant not to need straightening irons or curlers to make a difference.

(Psst, my next video on my YouTube Channel is all about styling a bob or a lob)

Beanies now look GREAT on you.

I could never pull off a beanie hat before – my long hair made me look like some sort of tadpole Humpty Dumpty. However, now with short hair, beanies are my perfect ‘carefree French girl’ accessory, teamed with a slim-line black coat and clean white Stan Smiths, they are my new obsession. (the more pompoms the better!)

Same goes for any other hair accessory – they just look automatically better on me now with short hair!

Drying your hair is no longer a chore

Hooray! Gone are the days of trying detangle a barrel brush from the ends of your hair. Gone is the 15 minutes spent with your head upside down, trying to create some volume and lift in your roots without giving yourself a headrush. Short hair is super easy to style with a barrel brush and it goes BIG very quickly. However, if you don’t use any smoothing product, you run a high risk of looking like a fluffy mushroom head.

It now MATTERS which way your ends are pointing

I genuinely never had to even consider this when I had long hair, but now – a stray lock of hair pointing outwards rather than in is a BIG deal. Everyone is recommending hair wands to me, but I always burn my fingers on them, so I’ve found a heat-free solution which involves curling hair round your own fingers (or a roller) and then spraying with fast-dry hairspray. Big recommendation for got2b Mind Blowing Fast Dry Hairspray.

The wind is not your friend

Okay, so windy weather is never welcome, even if you have long hair – but with short hair, its so much worse. A gust of wind blows your hair into your face and you can’t quite tuck it behind your ears or even underneath your collar anymore. (does anyone do that with long hair? Tuck it under your collar?) Oh wait, and tying it back won’t work either because….

Putting your hair in a pony is no longer a simple thing.

Possibly the most annoying thing about having short hair is that when you put it in a ponytail, lots of it will end up falling out of the band and pool around your neck, like a mini tablecloth for your neck. Short of a handful of kirby grips (which NO one has time for past 16 years old), you’re helplessly trying to tuck pieces behind your ear everytime you turn your head. Don’t be mentioning the words “Alice Band” to me either…

You now need more scarves and/or neck cream

The loss of my long hair has suddenly left a vast void of uncovered skin around my neck which a) is hella colder than usual and b) makes me realise exactly HOW wrinkly my neck looks. 
I know it’s an age-old tip but seriously, moisturising your neck is the way forward, no one wants turkey neck – especially when you don’t have long hair to hide it. I’m a fan of applying an oil at night (my faves are Liz Earle Superskin Concentrate ,  Caudalie Divine Oil or Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate) and a lightweight SPF like Kiehls Ultra Facial Moisturiser with SPF 30 during the day. Upwards motions people, don’t forget. Failing that, I’m a big fan of these Asos scarves.

Leopard Panel Mix Scarf
Floral &Animal Print Scarf

Any short-haired gals feeling these struggles? Are you considering the chop anytime soon? Tweet me your thoughts @FaceValueBlog or send me a comment on Facebook – I love hearing from you guys!

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