FaceGym Electrical Workout & Face Camp Results!

How are your New Year Resolutions coming along? I’ve already quit the gym but there’s one sort of boot camp that’s still going strong – FACE CAMP! Yep, remember a few weeks ago, I told you about the Face Camp program at the FaceGym in Selfridges? 

Well, for a recap – it’s basically a facial slash muscle massage, designed to sculpt and tone your face. That, teamed with a programme of healthy juicing and diet, all resulting in glowing skin.

My last post talked about the signature facial workout, but my most recent session was the Signature Electrical Workout – trust me, it’s like NOTHING I’ve ever had before.

The Electrical Lift Workout

The Electrical Lift started with the regular facial workout, a thorough cleanse with long, sweeping strokes to start the circulation. Very comforting, pretty straightforward.

Then, the cardio like before – lots of quick, rapid motions across the face to really get the bloodflow going. (My face was feeling the heat by this point… is this what real exercise is like?)

My good ole friend, the Face Ball was brought out to stimulate the deepest muscles – again, nothing I hadn’t tried before. Until the electrical part of the Signature Electrical started!

FaceGym uses a special micro-current device that emits powerful waves that stimulate facial muscles and improve the elasticity of your skin. You can literally feel (and see) your individual muscles twitching!!

It’s such a bizarre feeling, your muscles are involuntarily moving and jumping around but you CAN see a visible lifted difference once it’s finished. My Face trainer did just one side of my face and it genuinely was different!

It reminds me of one of those belly-belts, you know, the ones from the Argos catalogue that are meant to tone up your waist with electric currents. However, your facial muscles require something more refined!

It’s super easy to use, you can even buy the Instant Lift Face tool and use it yourself at home! It looks so simple and it’s got adjustable power so I’d be comfortable using it on myself – once I get over my face muscles moving around by themselves…

Overall, the FaceGym concept has been great but I’ve found it difficult to keep to the diet side of things. Mainly because I have no self control. Also because I’m a glutton.

If you need structure or “rules” to follow, then it’s really useful because it suggests what to eat or drink, coupled with the facials. The good thing is that you CAN get some really quick results with the electrical facial but you DO need some self discipline to get the full effect of the Face Camp programme.

If you’re looking for a gentle, relaxing facial, this is NOT the thing for you. The Face Camp is great if you like the science behind the skincare, or if you’re not getting results from traditional facials and looking for something different.

One thing that I definitely will be looking into, is derma-rolling. Everytime I had the Face Camp workout, the facial was finished off with a session of derma-rolling, where a little bumpy facial roller was rolled over skin to encourage circulation and cell renewal. I’m definitely going to get a facial roller for me to use at home!

You can book in for Face Camp appointments here at Selfridges.

What do YOU think? Could you cope with your muscles jumping around on their own? Or are you looking for a more traditional facial?

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Zoe Bayliss Wong
Zoe Bayliss Wong

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