Coachella Video and Festival Shopping List

It was literally this time last year that I was in California, celebrating my birthday in the sun and enjoying the sights in LA and Las Vegas. And with Coachella 2016 coming up, nothing brings on a case of the nostalgic blues like a YOUTUBE MONTAGE! 

Today’s post is also a little shopping list that I’ve done from the comfort of my sofa in case you need some outfit inspiration for what to wear …. OR if you just fancied treating yourself.

Since I never got round to uploading my Coachella photos and videos last year, so here’s a little montage of what went down – including a trip to the infamous Sephora tent!

Do let me know what you think – maybe this can be the start of my travel blog side?

It wasn’t all fun and games though, if you missed it, check out my Coachella Confessions – the real truths you don’t see on Instagram! Oh and some of my outfits from last year’s style diary too..

And finally, a couple of gems you need for Coachella 2016!

Beautiful Canvas bag – lightweight, yet roomy – a canvas bag is SERIOUSLY what you need to last 8 hours in the sun. I brought rucksacks and cross body bags but ended up using a canvas bag for the whole time.  It’s hard to find some that actually look nice, but I love the pom poms on this one! 

Clinique Chubby Nude Foundation Stick – for portable touchups on the go.

ps get 10% off with code LF10!

Covered Slip On Shoes – No white shoes and no sandals, open toes or open heels because dirt and dusty bits get everywhere and you feel like you’re walking on grit. 

Floral Headband – a total Coachella cliche, but a total must do!

Feather headpiece – for a slightly edgier look, feathers are great too.

Boohoo Suedette Sleeveless jacket – I’m reeeeally not normally a fan of these but they are GREAT for covering your shoulders from the sun, without being too heavy. 

I also wore one with a crop top and shorts, to cover up a little bit and feel a little bit less exposed – here’s how I styled it.

So whether you’re going to a festival, or just fancy doing some shopping from the comfort of your own sofa… I hope that list was helpful!! 

And let me know what you thought of the video – my first foray into travel blogging?

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Zoe Bayliss Wong
Zoe Bayliss Wong

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