A Skincare Routine For The One Bit Of Skin You’ve NOT Thought About

So we’re super versed in skincare for the face and the body but what about one of the largest bits of skin on your body? Nope, I’m not talking about my butt (LAWL), I’m talking about my scalp!

Yup, the scalp – possibly the least glamorous bit of skin. I bet you never thought about scalp care other than the occasional bottle of Head & Shoulders right? But do you ever get an itchy scalp when you sweat? Or does your scalp get a bit dry when it’s windy?

 Complete OVER-share coming up here but I would get a really prickly scalp every time I went out out – I always put it down to the boozing and bad lifestyle choices (read: McDonalds and Prosecco) but I’ve since realised that the irritation was a direct result of the product build up on my scalp.

Just like your skin, you load hair products into your scalp.  However, unlike skin – it doesn’t get cleansed twice a day. Not even close. My thick hair only needs a wash every 2 days unless I’ve gone to the gym or done some some strenuous activity (aka not bloody likely)

Here’s the sort of science part.

Last month, I went for an educational evening with Nioxin, the absolute experts in scalp health. I use their Hair System Cleansing Kit to really deep-clean my scalp, every other 2 washes. 

It all started when I was shown a picture of my scalp close up. And I mean like SUPER close up. Good news, not much dryness or dandruff but my hair follicles were absolutely coated in product. Seriously, I took one look and freeeaked out. (I’m going to spare you the horror of it – mainly because I’ve lost it.)

I don’t style my hair daily but I do use a lot volumising powders and dry shampoos to give my straight, slippery hair some texture and grip. My scalp was obviously suffering the consequences so I decided to start a full scalp routine.

The thing is, it doesn’t matter how often you wash your hair if you’re not using a decent product to cleanse. Just like when you use an average eye makeup remover to try and remove mascara – you end up with half-arsed cleansed lashes right?

The Nioxin hair system powerfully works to clear the scalp of product buildup and the conditioner leaves your scalp tingling with health afterwards. No really, it’s got menthol in it so your hair feels like it’s got the wind going through it – a weird yet awesome sensation!

I’m sorry – I don’t have a original photo because I forgot to take a photo before I started using these and now they’re absolutely covered in purple hair dye (like most things in my bathroom..)

So yes – I really like this cleansing system every now and then to make sure that my scalp is balanced and deep cleansed. But what about for when the times are really rough?

During periods of stress and living LARGE, my scalp actually reacts quite badly. It gets quite itchy and inflamed in some areas and dare I say it, sometimes leads to hair loss! I’ll never forget the first time I ended up pulling out a sizeable clump of hair!!!!!!!! ALL THE EXCLAMATION MARKS.

On days like this, I used to just try and soak my head in cold water but let’s face it – that’s both torturous and frankly RIDICULOUS.

So, whenever I need an INSTANT fix, I reach for Montibello Treat Naturtech Sensi Dermo Treatment – a soothing fluid cream which comes in handy little tubes that you can apply directly to your scalp. Great for popping one into your beauty bag when travelling. The treatment is super refreshing, especially for those cold, windy days when your skin is feeling a bit battered and tight.

Just like how you ‘re not meant to pick spots, scratching your sore scalp is NOT going to help and this lovely Montibello stuff really soothes any itching and works to rebalances your scalp skin when your head is reeeeally feeling the after-effects of a stressful/drunken phase. 

It’s also great to use BEFORE a chemical treatment, in order to create a barrier on the scalp and protect the skin. I’d not heard of this brand before but definitely excited to try more!

So you’ve got your scalp cleanse, and your scalp treatment – now here’s the LATEST product for your scalp skin routine…

New to my haircare routine over the last few weeks has been the Nioxin Night Density Restore Overnight Treatment. Think of this as the night serum in your scalp skincare routine!!

This leave-on scalp serum is a lightweight solution which delivers a host of powerful antioxidants to the scalp. Packed with skin do-gooders like vitamin E and Biotin, this nightly treatment helps to protect against damage for a healthy, balanced scalp. 

It’s in a super sleek bottle, not unlike a facial serum! The actual formula is quite liquid and dries really quick with a lovely cooling feeling on the scalp. I actually really enjoy applying it every night – I just need to put it in a memorable place because my scalp skincare isn’t quite engrained enough into my routine to be an autopilot thing yet. 

But what’s the point?

So those of you NOT addicted to products like me might be wondering what the point of this scalp routine is. (Seriously, as a product fiend, you tell me you’ve got a day cream for my left elbow and I’m SOLD) 

So basically – the scalp is the foundation to the glorious house of hair on your head. Without solid foundations, your house is going to crumble. With a healthy scalp, you’ll end up with healthier hair, less fall out and therefore a fuller looking head of hair! Errr, healthy scalp = more hair? BINGO.

Personally, I’ve definitely ended up with a calmer, less itchy scalp – I would definitely recommend a decent cleanse every now and again, with a scalp treatment for days when you need it the most.

Check out the shopping list here

Nioxin Night Density Restore Overnight Treatment -save 20% and get a free gift bag 

Montibello Treat Naturtech Sensi Dermo Treatment – works out less than £2 per tube

Nioxin Hair System Cleansing Kit – comes in 6 different hair types

Is a scalp skincare routine too far for you? Or are you buying into my whole hair house metaphor?! Tweet me your thoughts @FaceValueBlog or send me a comment on Facebook!

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