Need A Candy Coloured Burberry Dupe? The NEW Sleek Whimsical Wonderland Collection

NEW BEAUTY LAUNCH ALERT! The latest drop from Sleek Makeup has landed in my lucky lap and I have spent the last few days getting to grips with my new fairground-themed friends. 

The Whimsical Wonderland collection is a candy coloured range featuring a new eyeshadow palette, 3 new shades of Lip VIP (Sleek’s semi matte lipstick, see the full review and range of Lip VIP swatches here)

I’m normally a neutrals, browns and blacks kinda gal but I do love a pop of colour on lips and cheeks. Sleek Makeup have got three new shades, basically a lilac purple, a juicy red and a coral orange. Coming in a cheek gel and a lipstick, perfect for those who like are matchy-matchy like me!

My favourite – and therefore the first thing I need to tell you about – are the new Sleek Sweet Cheek gel blush sticks. RRP is expected to be £5.99

Very, very similar to Burberry Skin Freshglow Blush (but not at the £23 price tag!) These gel blushers impart a cooling feeling on the skin, with a flush of colour. They are quite subtle but can be layered on for additional colour.

My favourites are the orange and purple one, they give a great “no makeup” makeup look, with a lightweight but somehow see-through wash of colour. Skin looks super healthy!

These really are comparable to the Burberry version, but about £15 cheaper! I’m so glad I didn’t invest in the Burberry ones (but i was really really tempted)

It’s weird because the first time I tried the Burberry ones, I was like-  GUYS, WHERE’S THE COLOUR? It looked way too natural for But I slowly came around to the real beauty behind it. 

The fact that it’s a gel blush means that the colour is transparent and actually gives you a bit of a glow. It’s really beautiful – I look like i’m wearing minimal makeup  (when in actual fact I am wearing a shit ton of it obvs)  – the joy of makeup!

Moving onto the new Lip VIPS

So I already covered the launch of the Sleek Lip VIP lipsticks (with ALL the shades) and long story short – I found them to be super slick, easy to apply, full of pigment, awesome. However they DO need a solid base and lip prep to get the most out of them, otherwise the pigment can highlight dry patches.

I’ve been lazy here and not done ANY lip prep – so this is my lips at their worst. 

Lip VIP in Fancy Pants

Lip VIP in Big Shot

Lip VIP in Hot Tottie

Of all the shades, obviously the red is the most wearable but it’s the most BORING. I’m in love with the orange and the purple! 

At first, when I put on Big Shot (the lilac) – I was like, I LOOK LIKE AN ALIEN. It reminded me of when i tried to recreate Jessie J’s lilac lips from the Brit Awards but a much more wearable version. It really grew on me though!

Finally, one last sugar hit for you. The latest eyeshadow palette is called “All The Fun At The Fair” and is every bit as fun as it’s name suggests.

A range of shimmery pastels and sugary mattes, the quality is similar to other Sleek palettes – ie VERY GOOD. Pigmented and easy to blend, the only thing is that I don’t normally use pastels. I’m looking forward to seeing how I can use this in the future!

All in all – really recommend that you invest in the Orange and Purple cheek gels, and as many of the Lip VIP colours that you like!

New collection hits stores 1 June. I will update this post with links when they go live!

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Zoe Bayliss Wong
Zoe Bayliss Wong

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