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Haircare can be high maintenance, and none more so than when you have demanding, neeeedy hair that requires a load of specialist product – you know what i’m saying if you’ve got coloured hair, damaged hair – or even if you’re just a product fiend. (GUILTY OF ALL THE ABOVE)

The thing is, shopping for haircare has changed. When I

 was at uni, I would literally stock up on mountains of products at Boots or Superdrug on some ridiculous buy one get one free, buy three-for-2 kind of deal. However, now living in London and NOT actually owning a car, this kind of behaviour doesn’t work for me any more. 

Not only am I running out of space for all these multi buy deals, I also cannot be bothered to lug a giant Boots bag on the Central line home. Seriously – what’s worse than being on a crammed tube, with a plastic bag that’s starting to split and risk a rogue bottle of Batiste rolling up the aisle??

Enter the new solution to my problems. The Match Up Service from eSalon. A bundle of haircare products, specially picked for your hair type and then MAILED to you at a frequency that suits you. You can buy as many or as little products as you like, but they get cheaper the more you buy.

Wow, that’s it – blog post done? Of course not – here’s some pictures and a closer look at some of MY personal favourites….

So first of all, you receive a lovely box in the post. HIYA.

The box is full of products, designed to match your hair type. You can have them recommended for you, or you can just pick from the range and shop whatever you like. It’s your call.

It’s not just styling sprays either – we’re talking a full root to tip range starting with shampoo and conditioner, colour masks, heat styling AND finishing products. Basically, everything you need – and it’s all sent to your door. YAAAS. Sofa sloths rejoice.

They also have a separate home hair dye mixing service, which is a great idea! The only downside is that they don’t do the artificial vibrant colours I like – it’s all about natural looking, easy home hair colour. Plus it all comes in a cute dust bag too – you can never have enough dust bags!! I use them to put my socks and pants in when I go on holiday. LOVE.

eSalon let me pick out a box for myself and I was really impressed with their products. As the name might suggests, they are salon quality (sulphate free!) and you can get a box of 3 products from £11. 

I think this is a very reasonable price, given that the sulphate-free range by L’Oreal is about £6 for a similar sized shampoo.

What’s In The Box?

I stocked up on the essentials. A sulphate free volumising shampoo, teamed with the At Full Strength repairing conditioner and the Get Heated protection spray for a damage-free blowdry.

To stop the fluffy feeling afterwards, I’ve got the Define and Lovely hair cream, which I use to add a bit of grit to my hair when it’s all freshly washed and WILD. (Reminds me basically of THIS)

I’ve also got the Tinted Love Colour Enhancing treatment, which I use every other wash to keep the blue tones in my purple hair. Without this, it fades a lot quicker! Love this treatment, it comes in so many different colours too. Big fan of this stuff if you have a hard to maintain colour.

I also really rate the Shining Armor Renewing Oil (despite the American spelling) – it’s a lightweight oil in great packaging. Some oils are just too thick and you end up overloading your hair when you’re trying to just get some coverage. This stuff is a great consistency, I’d buy it again but it’s taking forever to use up. WHAT A SHAME..

I also really like the On The Bright Side illuminating spray. Again, another one for those fluffy days, it really does make a difference to the finish – especially on freshly blowdried hair. I love a shine spray and this is a nice size to carry around on my travels too. Everyone loves a mini size product!

All in all – great value, great idea – I’m pleased with the quality and I love the fact that it’s delivered to my door. You can pay as you go, or set up a regular delivery. Thanks to eSalon for setting me up with some free boxes. Check out the full range of The Matchup at eSalon here

What do YOU think of the idea of a hair product service posted to you? Do you like a set of go-to products, or do you like to mix it up? 

A special shout out to my fellow sofa sloths out there..

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Zoe Bayliss Wong
Zoe Bayliss Wong

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