Winter What I Wore To Work: 50 Shades Of Blue with The Kooples Trenchcoat

It’s official! With temperatures falling into single digits, winter is here. Although I’m sad to see the end of Autumn, there is one reason for me to be please. It’s a reason that’s been hanging in my wardrobe for a few months now. Yes friends – it’s time to wear my new coat!

I bought this navy wool and leather trenchcoat from The Kooples when on my summer holidays in France. The fact that The Kooples is french, coupled with a dip in foreign exchange meant that I saved almost 20% on the British retail price.

It still cost me £400 – which is basically the most I’ve ever spent on a coat butI’d just spent the week reading ‘The Life-Changing Magic Of Tidying’ by Marie Kondo and her mantra of only keeping and buying things that ‘inspire joy’ just… inspired the purchase?

In addition to inspiring joy, I figured that

1) It’s a timeless, classic shape

2) I don’t have any trenchcoats 

3) I’d earned a bit of money reporting from London Fashion Week and I figured it may as well go back into the industry

4) It was 20% cheaper than buying it in the UK

All of the key points that led me to justifying that I would buy this as an investment (and then probably eat beans for the rest of the month). Will it pay off? Let’s find out if I’m wearing it in a couple years time..

As an accountant, you know I’m all about value so my wardrobe is definitely not all designer labels. Today’s outfit sees me mix this high-end investment coat with some $19 Levi’s that I bought on sale in New York and a £15 Cluse watch that I bought second-hand from Depop.

Outfit Details

The Kooples Coat: Trench-Style Wool Broadcloth Coat with Leather Details £495

M&S Suede Footglove Ankle Boots £59: The heel is the perfect height, they are comfortable enough to wear all day. They come in Khaki too.

Meli Melo Utility Bag  approx £200 – now discontinued but more details and pics here.

Levi’s 501 CT jeans – £16 – Found these in the clearance section I’m going to be creating some more rips in my jeans myself soon. Should I do a DIY rip your jeans vid maybe?!

Cluse Imitation Watch £15 – second hand found on Depop (my fave)

If you’re messy and a bit of a hoarder, I recommended reading the Marie Kondo book. I certainly approach buying things a bit differently now!

Previously, I’d always be about a bargain – but sometimes spending to save means you still spend. I now spend if I need to spend, and they end up being things that I really enjoy using and enjoy looking after now. Definitely recommend the book.

Are you ready for winter? What was the last “investment piece” that you bought? 

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Zoe Bayliss Wong
Zoe Bayliss Wong

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