Sleek Makeup Beauty Launch & Giveaway! The ROCKSTARS Collection

New Makeup alert! Sleek Makeup have launched a new collection and of course I’ve got my hands on it to review for you. Even better, you get to win some of it too. Keep reading, dear readers.

The Sleek Rockstars collection launched in store the other week and it is definitely something you’ll lust after.  I attended the launch event and I’ve got the lustful lowdown for you all.

Consisting of an eyeshadow palette, a strobing souffle and a lipstick, it comes in two colourways. Diamond in the Rough, available online at Boots and Hidden Gems,  available online at Superdrug.

Both are metallic and gorgeous but I’d say one is more day/neutral and the other more festive and glamorous. Which one will you pick? Both? Why not.

First up, the Diamond In The Rough collection – a beautiful rose gold themed collection. It’s perfect for everyday wear and will look particularly beautiful on warmer or paler skintones. Everyone loves rose-gold, it’s a trend that is just not going away and now it’s filtered through from fashion and jewellery through to homewear and beauty. I can’t get enough of it.

The Strobing Souffle £6.99 is a pink-champagne toned mousse. I was most interested in this, because I love a cream-based complexion product for winter skin.

It’s quite glittery though. It’s not party-glitter levels but it’s also not for those who want a subtle highlight. It can be blended out to a fairy-dust finish or patted on for more of a coloured finish.

The Scandalous Lipstick £5.49 is a particular standout – one I’m keeping for myself. It’s a new colour in the fantastic Sleek Lip VIP range (see my review).  It’s a true blue-toned red shade and the lipstick is cut to look like a gemstone. Truly stunning.

 The eyeshadow shades of the i-lust Eyeshadow Palette £7.99 are very shimmery but still natural – ideal for daytime or for people who don’t wear much makeup. It’s a bit too subtle for my own taste but the colours are beautiful and would look great on fairer skin.

Next up is the Hidden Gems collection.  Now, I’m not one to use coloured eyeshadow but LOOK at the iLust Eyeshadow Palette £7.49. This is genuinely the first palette I’ve seen that would make me consider otherwise. Just look at the texture of those luxe looking shadows!

I’m a bit over the whole matte eyeshadow thing, particularly as we come into the festive season. These are perfect for a Christmas party or boozy festive dinner.

The Smokey Quartz Strobing Souffle £6.99 that comes with this one is more gold-toned and definitely less sparkly. I prefer it to the other souffle, but it’s a teeny bit too dark for me to use as a highlighter. 

I actually use this Strobing Souffle as the inbetween layer between a contour and a lighter, powder highlighter. It provides that lovely sheen-effect instead.

The Superstar lipstick £5.49 isn’t as purple as it looks – it’s your classic berry red, Mac Rebel shade, which I have about a million of. The diamond cut pattern though is really great, I love it.


I thought long and hard, and I really don’t need another two eyeshadow palettes – or another berry red lipstick. So here you go guys, a chance to win both the Diamonds In the Rough and Hidden Gems eyeshadow palette, plus the Superstar lipstick as well.

All you have to do is regram, retweet or share one of my giveaway social media posts and you’re in with a chance of winning! Ends Nov 13.

What do YOU think of the new collection, particularly the coloured eyeshadows? Is Rose Gold going away at any point? 

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Zoe Bayliss Wong
Zoe Bayliss Wong

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