NEW YOUTUBE VIDEO: How to apply Glitter Lips by Beauty Boulevard

During the final week before Christmas weekend, I went to two Xmas parties with Depop and Yahoo Style. For stylish, sassy occasions like these, there was only one thing for it. GLITTER LIPS.

I’ve raved about these fancy lip kits for a LONG time now, but never actually shown anyone how to use them. So I took a camera along to capture my ‘get ready with me’ moments (including one in the Depop office ladies loo – the lengths I go to for you guys!) 😎

If you’re looking for an instant WOW factor, these glitter lips are ideal for your New Year’s Party.


Little shoutout to my talented pal The Goodowl (she’s gonna be a huge fashion designer, I tell you now) – who features in the video with me. 

For more words and technical details, here’s the original Glitter Lips review that appeared on my blog when I discovered them last Christmas.

ENJOY THE VID and have a fantastic Xmas holiday, one and all.

Important: The glitter needs to be cosmetic-grade stuff, not just any old craft shop shimmer. Be beauty smart and buy safe, from reputable sellers (ie. buy here)

What do YOU think of the Glitter Lips? Did you ever play the “donut sugar game”?!

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Zoe Bayliss Wong
Zoe Bayliss Wong

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