How To Get Better Skin – My New Skincare Routine

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Okay guys and girls, some beauty blogger skincare tips coming your way. Over the last few months, I’ve been really focused on skincare – basically trying to get the clear, calm adult skin that I’ve always dreamt of.

How do we get great skin? Well, some people are born with good skin genes, others have to work harder at it and those who eat badly and drink heavily need to try EVEN harder. (I’m not going to admit which of these groups I fit into but anyone watching my Instagram – I know you KNOW!)

So what’s the plan here? What does “better skin” look like? 

Ideally I wanted to find a way to minimise breakouts, even out any patchiness in my oily yet ‘these bits can be dry’ combination skin, cut down on heavy foundation and focus on getting that smooth, glowing base that’s neither dewy nor shiny but LUMINOUS. 

At the beginning of the year, I wouldn’t have left the house without at least a light coat of concealer. Obviously, it’d be nice to not give a shit about this sort of thing (THANKS SOCIETY) but until then, getting better skin is the plan!

How did I do it?

So at the beginning of the year I decided to commit to a real skincare routine. A proper routine where you use the same products, at the same time, every day for at least a month without being tempted by newer, shiiinier products. It’s practically a relationship, given the level of commitment involved.

Until this point, I’d been constantly dabbling with products, the beauty blogger in me desperate for another hit of ‘something new’ and although we ALL know we should be patient with products, I just couldn’t commit to one for 4 days let alone 4 weeks.

New Year’s resolution sorted, I went ahead and did it. And now? I’m pretty pleased! So much so that my next YouTube video is about my new skincare routine, and I’m not going to be wearing ANY foundation. Seeing is believing right?

Until then, here are the basics of what I changed in my skincare routine. I hope you find it useful because it worked for me!

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First up – it’s time to commit. Select your desired arsenal and stick to it for at least a month (unless it’s causing you irritation or sensitivity). Due to the cycle of skin renewal, you won’t be seeing long-term benefits for a few weeks. Plus, if you’re chopping & changing, you won’t know which product has done what. HOW will you know what to buy again?!

Secondly, I decided to abandon my previous go-to corporate brands (the Estee’s, L’Oreals & Lancomes of the world) and move towards brands with a more natural & organic focus. Hello Antipodes, Sukin, Jurlique, Moo Goo, Liz Earle to some extent, Caudalie and other such brands! I did this mainly because many of the big commercial formulas I used were full of big commercial filler ingredients.

Getting knowledgeable about product ingredients is key – I abandoned SLS, parabens and most products packed out with silicone & other such nasties. Brands like La Roche Posay aren’t natural or organic but they’re free of ‘bad’ ingredients like this – so if you still want to buy a big commercial brand (they do tend to be cheaper & easier to get hold of), at least do it in a clean way.

Chuck in a couple of tips and techniques around product application, facial massage and HELLO. My skin has improved dramatically and my dream skin is almost within reach. I say almost, because honestly, will we ever be happy with what we’ve got?!

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I’ll be doing a full video with my skincare routine & product recommendations but until then – here are some tips I picked up at the Jurlique launch last week.

How do you apply your skincare? 

Just dot in on your face and rub in? Applying too much pressure and rubbing too hard can actually damage the skin, which is why eye creams always to tell you to pat. One of the techniques promoted by Jurlique is what I call “the warm and press”.

Warming product in your hands can activate ingredients and help product to spread better, thus using less product in the long run.

Press products into skin, don’t rub. Pressing gets the formula to the deeper layer of dermis (i.e. the non dead stuff on the surface)

When applying, don’t rub the eye area.

Delicate skin like this needs to be treated gently. Just use your ring finger to pat cream into the skin.
There’s also no need to go all around the eye and overload the area – applying product just around the orbital bone

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The fridge is your friend

The soothing qualities of calming products and toners are boosted when chilled in the fridge. Put your face mist in the fridge before you reach for it on a hot day – it works a treat and really invigorates skin during summer. It’s particularly great for eye creams, and gives an instant de-puffing effect.

You learn something new every day

Finally – one thing I haven’t tried yet but has been recommended by the experts at Jurlique. Use arnica on dark circles. I’m very familiar with arnica, having used it on bruises and the theory is that it works in the same way to shrink visible blood vessels…. will keep you posted! Dream skin is within reach!

What do YOU think? Have you got a fixed skincare routine? Any skincare tips you swear by? Tweet me your thoughts @FaceValueBlog or send me a comment on Facebook!

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