Style or substance? Glossier Launches In The UK & Here’s What I Thought

Glossier has FINALLY come to the UK. With Glossier products ready to ship to us Brits, you might be planning your shopping list already. Fortunately I have already put myself through this reeeeally difficult process, just for your benefit of course.. It’s part of the beauty blogger service right? 

 Being impatient and y’know, addicted to beauty products, I couldn’t wait for the UK launch. I actually made my first Glossier purchase last year in the US when I was in New York. Eyes wide with makeup abandon, I spent a good hour trawling through their collection and spent a long time researching, like, ALL the products. 

So if you’re confused what to buy or wondering which Glossier products are best, I figured I’d save you some time and transfer you the fruits of my labour.

For those of you who have been living in a beauty hole and not heard of it, Glossier is a US beauty brand created by Emily Weiss, founder of super beauty site Into The Gloss. Into the Gloss actually started off as beauty blog and is now an all-singing, all-dancing digital beauty site – and Glossier is the beauty range that came out of it.

Glossier was immediately snapped up by the Instagram models and the beauty queens – EmRata, Emily Ratajkowski told me herself that she uses their Skin Tint, when I interviewed her in 2015. Obviously I had to try it!

I bought a selection of Glossier goodies, here are my thoughts on the ones to buy, the ones to try and the ones to err, gloss over… (wahey for puns!)

Glossier Moon Mask £18

The infamous moon mask was meant to be an amazing, hydrating and soothing treat for your skin. I personally love a cream mask as you can leave it on for a while it doesn’t pull at your skin and it’s easier to wash off than clay (plus it won’t block your sink like clay does! I have Drain Unblocker on repeat buy)
I loved the texture and feel of the mask but it didn’t feel entirely ‘good’ for my skin. It felt like a cheap mask that I’d bought from a supermarket basics range and I felt like it was clogging my pores on my nose rather than saving them.

 I think it would help dry, patchy skin or skin in actual need of hydration but as a weekly booster, it didn’t really do anything for me. You’re better off just layering up your night cream and keeping that on for 10 minutes. Would not buy again -recommend this Aura Mask by Antipodes instead – see my review.

Glossier Generation G lipstick £14

I bought this in shade LEO – a warm brown tone. With one swipe it’s relatively sheer but you can build it up.

Big fan of this matte lipstick – it’s not quite as slick as a lip balm but it’s definitely easier and a lot lighter to wear than a normal matte lipstick. It doesn’t clump or go chalky like liquid matte lipsticks. Did I mention HOW lightweight it is?!

It’s not as moisturising as I’d imagine a lip balm lipstick to be though so moisturised lips are needed, but I would definitely buy again and try the other colours.

Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint £15

Don’t expect any real coverage from this but if you’ve been working on your skin routine and only need a hint, nay, a whisper of colour to even out your face – then this could be for you. I bought shade medium and it was just about right.

It’s got a lovely sheer finish for that real ‘natural’ look and unlike some tinted moisturisers it’s not TOO dewy. It’s definitely more makeup rather than a moisturer though, don’t be mistaken. 

I’ve worn it but I’m not a convert as I need more coverage- would probably not buy again. I’d say it’s overpriced for what it is – hit me with a teeny bit more pigment, an easier bottle to squeeze and then lets talk..

Glossier Stretch Concealer £15

Yeah okay, I’ll bite. I like this concealer – it’s creamy and easy to blend. The shade Medium is also okay for me. I use it under the eye but also around the face – it’s what I would use to cover the bits that Skin Tint cant. 

Texture reminds me a little bit of Benefit Fake Up. Because it has natural goodies like jojoba oil, it does give a dewy finish. Whilst this is okay for under the eyes, everything else needs a dusting of matte powder otherwise I’d look a bit shiny.  Not a holy gral product for me but would buy again! Can we have a stick format though?

Glossier Haloscope £18

This is a lovely creamy highlighter that comes in a SUPER convenient stick format. It’s got a little gel core which means it comes out a little bit more sheer and less artificial. I like it a lot – it MAY be breaking me out slightly but I like the effect it gives. 

However, not worth the price tag – only recommend if you’re looking to splurge but you can definitely get cheaper alternatives. See the sticks that Kiko Cosmetics do.

Glossier Verdict?

So what’s the verdict? Glossier is veryy pretty and I’m totally bought into the brand! It’s a real ‘capsule’ collection that has everything a basic makeup kit needs. A decent attempt at trying to be inclusive with the colour range but could do a little bit better.

It’s a brand that I’m DYING to love but unfortunately, not all the products lived up to my expectations – especially at this price level.  I’m still keen on becoming part of this Glossy Posse though so would definitely be interested in trying more though, especially now that I’m not risking paying a million pounds in potential customs. 

I’ve got my eyes on the Cloud Paint cream blush and some of their face serums….. but do they deserve any more of my cash? Let’s see. (aka PAYDAY COME QUICKER)

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