1 Year Later: Switching The Side-Hustle Back ON.

Hello old friend. It’s been a while.


It’s seems that the rumours are true, having a wedding can really take over your life. But maybe not in the way I thought it would.

REWIND, about a year and half ago, I decided to avoid burnout and pause my various projects. I was working a full-time job, writing for a few publications on the side, and then also planning a slightly over-the-top wedding on an under-the-average budget. I’d already been struggling to manage blogging and working full-time so I made the sensible decision to put the writing on pause whilst I planned my canape-filled, triple-outfit, multi-media day.  (For a recap, using said multi-media assistance, see “How I Made My Pinterest Inspo Into A Reality” here)

So yes, wedding, busy, married, now less busy. Anyone could have told you that right? What I didn’t realise, is that coming back and turning all my side-hustles back on again would be so difficult. I mean, in hindsight, being a Netflix-bingeing, weekday-dinner gal with low-to-minimal self-control, I probably should have KNOWN that encouraging myself to do more work wasn’t going to be easy. But you all know the feeling right? When you get home after work and there’s a ton of things you should probably do, but in reality all you want to do is inhale your dinner, get caught up in re-runs of Modern Family and then maybe fall down the rabbithole of Instagram videos before bed. My life, what an absolute RIOT.


Fast forward a year later, I’ve finally got back on the wagon. Work wise, life at Depop is taking off – I dedicated three months of my life to our multi-million dollar fundraising round earlier this year and we’ve been launching our rocketship on the otherside of the pond in New York. (Read more about Depop Live here.)

Having come from a big corporate background to a startup, it’s been an absolute rags-to-riches ride so far, dealing with everything from big budgets to burglaries, mega influencers to IP trolls – all I can say is that yes, most of the stuff in Silicon Valley is REAL. (if you haven’t watched Silicon Valley btw, get on that right now.)

Other-work wise, I’ve relaunched Face Value Beauty Blog to become ZBW.com. I mean, it’s still very much the same – my 30+ self is still obsessed with beauty and skincare but I have plenty more to talk about now! I’ve been slowly developing a personal finance book for young people and I’ve blasted out a few articles for Forbes about all the retail trends coming out of the next-generation.

Over the last year I’ve done a few keynotes, talks and panels around supporting women and young people in the workplace. It made me realise that I have so much more to say that may (or may not) be of interest to you guys.



Basically, whilst I’ll still be talking about all the AWESOME things that I’ve discovered whilst trying to live my best Instagram life, I’ll also be talking about all the bloody useful tips and tricks that I’ve learnt (and used) to make my best working life a reality too.

Our day jobs take over such a huge chunk of our day, we all deserve to be doing something that makes us happy or at least gets us PAID. Speaking of getting paid, I’m thinking things like:

  • Getting paid what you deserve
  • The top tips I learnt from female mentoring
  • What does work life balance actually mean to you and how to get it
  • Inspiring stories from entrepreneurs I’ve interviewed
  • Reading list – ‘serious’ books I actually finished
  • How to get comfortable with public speaking
  • Oh, and anything fun I find along the way – whether it’s a gem of restaurant in Stockport, or a face cream that makes me look like I’m 12 again.


What else do you want to see here? Tweet me, message me on Insta @zoe_dubs.

(Work and other-work aside,  socially, my Instagram feed is still going strong with multiple food & booze-fueled adventures in my Stories. Proof that not ALL things have changed in the last year…)

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Zoe is a Forbes '30 under 30' finance pro, style writer, presenter and panellist, working for a fashion startup and trying to live that best life in the most IRL way possible.