Boost your beauty budget now!

Here are all the featured (aka good) Value topics I’ve discussed on the Face Value Beauty Blog. 

I’m a great believer that expensive doesn’t necessarily mean good, but it helps to be able to afford a fancy product every now and again. 

Being smart with your money isn’t hard but for most people, it’s just tricky to keep track of what’s going on. The modern woman is expected to have a blossoming career, a buzzing social life as well as a conversational level knowledge of current affairs AND a book on the go which hasn’t been chosen by Richard and Judy.

My biggest hate is people who assume that beauty lovers and fashionistas are not equally capable of intelligent discussion or independent thought.

I want to make it easier for you to do more with your money, so I’ll be talking about a range of topics that have helped me and my friends but if you’ve got any suggestions – let me know via the Facebook page, Twitter or email zoe@ 


Suggested Topics

  • Building your credit score
  • The importance of an ISA
  • Anything you’d like to see here? Please let me know!