About Me

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I’m Zoe Bayliss Wong, also known as Zoe Wong, and Zoe Dubs. I write, I talk, I give an opinion on most things but my thing is all about making good life choices.

Life choices? Don’t worry, I’m not talking about getting your 5 a-day and going to the gym. I’m talking about knowing how to manage your money, being happy at work, eating what you want and generally living your best life without sacrificing the stuff that future-You will need.

I’m channelling a real-life Clark Kent, being a business director by day – running the operations for a Shoreditch fashion start up called Depop – and managing a successful side-hustle as ZBW– writing for international publications, reporting from fashion events, speaking on the radio and interviewing people on camera.



I believe that the modern woman doesn’t have to choose just one path. You can be an Instagram model whilst writing an astrophysics thesis. Stylish women can enjoy talking about both Fendi and the FTSE100.

We ALL know that saving money and being smart with our finances is something we should look into one day but, for most people, there’s other things to be doing, there’s no time to sift through the info online and, let’s face it – it is pretty boring.

My goal is to make it easier for you to keep track of what’s going on and give YOU the information you need in order to make great life choices and do more with what you have.

I’ll be talking about a range of topics that have helped me and my friends – personal finance, boosting your career, understanding how the world works in general, but if you’ve got any suggestions then hit me up via the Facebook page or on Twitter

As for the rest of the blog? It’s made up of all the other things I’ve discovered and enjoyed along the way. Because life  should never be only about one thing.



This is a not-for-profit piece of the internet, so you won’t find any sly paid adverts, excessive filters or attempts to ‘inspire’ or mislead you with a picture perfect life.

Most blogs are becoming dreamy, lifestyle magazines but let’s face it, real life is no magazine. So let’s have a large glass of IRL and cheers to that. And to you – dear reader. Thanks for stopping by.