Zoom Game

A little bit of fun. I created this game during lockdown, in a bid to avoid yet ANOTHER awkward Zoom quiz. It’s been a hit with my friends and family, so I thought I’d put it online, with a little button where you can generate the game. I’m also taking suggestions for a much more creative name.

UPDATE: For the fans who have played this before, I’ve added a new ADVANCED level…. Enjoy.

This is a game of speed & creativity – a virtual treasure hunt meets show-and-tell, all done online.

Find one person to be the ‘Judge’ – you can choose to rotate, or just have one person running it.

JUDGES INSTRUCTIONS: I’m going to call out an item or a thing for you to bring back to the screen. You get 15 SECONDS to find something that solves my request and show it to the camera.
I’ll be counting down so you can hear how much time is left. Depending what you bring back, I might ask you to talk us through your choice

SCORING: There are TWO points up for grabs
1 point:
for whoever is FIRST to return with something that matches my description
1 point: for whoever has the BEST response to my request

So will you go for speed or creativity? Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and bring your own interpretation…

PS – 15-20 seconds is normally plenty of time for each request but feel free to change the timing depending on how many people are in each screen, how big your houses are, how agile you are, how much you want to avoid breaking limbs etc etc.

Highly recommend taking a picture of the group to laugh at later! I love seeing your results, please do share them with the hashtag #zoeszoomgame