What Bloggers REALLY Do At Wireless Festival 2015

So – last weekend I was at New Look Wireless Festival (in case you missed my endless festival spam on Instagram and Twitter) and it was BRILLIANT. 

I love a good festival but when the British weather is on your side, it feels like everything’s right with the world.  To add to my summer festival happiness, I was there scouting celeb fashion and goss for Yahoo! As you know, I’ve been working with Yahoo!Lifestyle for a while now, covering Fashion Week and the like but this weekend was all about Yahoo!Celebrity which meant access backstage, outside the dressing rooms oh – and in the VIP area! I cannot believe my luck, what a great gig! 

You can see all the official pics and news on Yahoo! but here’s a quick rundown on exactly what happened! Forget the beautifully instagrammed pictures and high fashion shots – this is the REAL way to do Wireless Festival..

First up – find a lovely festival outfit to wear.

Festival style tribes are nothing new and I went for all-out floral floaty chic, with this F&F Co Ord set – a printed kimono and matching shorts, perfect for the balmy weather we were having as it kept skin covered up but still cool. 

I then topped it off with a floral headband from River Island (see my River Island Festival Tips here¬!)

Day 2 was a bit colder, I continued the print theme with this mid sleeve Stella Shirt Dress in Arty White by Motel Rocks, teamed with stompy boots. Oh and another floral crown of course!

Next, be the most over-dressed people in Tesco.

You ask yourself, do you really really need to buy a bottle of vodka from Tesco at 11am? And then you consider festival booze prices and decide to go with the prelash and have Tesco shoppers decide whether you’re still dressed from the night before.  (more deets on our eye makeup coming soon on Yahoo!)

Meet a really nice celeb and get your day off to a GREAT start

We completely didn’t expect to see Alfie from Pointless Blog as soon as we walked in. Seriously, we were doubting it so much that we didn’t even realise it was Alfie! Funnily enough, I only went up there because I thought the girl he was with was Sprinkle Of Glitter! Best surprise ever! Top lad.

Go Backstage… and realise it is literally, the back of a stage.

Nothing much to report here guy – it’s was a huge anticlimax – but it was great to see the artists coming on and off!

Get ensnared in Luke Friend’s hair

We spotted Luke Friend hanging out at Wireless and I think his hair definitely upstaged me….  PS – it is soft though.

Meet Jourdan Dunn and feel SHIT.

Seriously, she is UNREAL. Definitely get why she’s a supermodel because EVERYTHING about her just makes me want to cry for the beauty of it all. So nice, so professional, top girl! I literally felt as pretty as a piece of chewing gum in comparison though. Sigh.

Stalk Jess Glynn on the way to the loo

Top tip here, the toilets are the best place where you’re guaranteed to spot someone! I love Jess Glynn, but even she’s gotta go when you gotta go!

Feel bad for obsessing over someone too young to know what a floppy disk is.

So we bumped into Jaden Smith behind the main stage, the little legend! How is he so self assured and cool at 17? This is what having Will Smith for a dad must do. I wish Will Smith was my dad.

Spot 1 quarter of the world’s biggest boyband and pretend you don’t care..

..when actually you’re thinking, OMG IT’S SOMEONE WHO KNOWS HARRY STYLES!!! Yup, Niall was here enjoying the festival. Shame his security wouldn’t let us take any photos, they just decided to tell us to F off instead so for the rest of the festival, WE DIDN’T CARE (but we did.)

Find the free alcohol. FUN ENSUES

So we then realised that our access also got us into the free bar.  HELLO WINE. A few minuntes later, we started our best poses. Cara D would be proud….

Try to subtly take photos of people, whilst pretending to selfie.

Honestly, it’s a great way to subtly take photos whilst pretending not to be a huge fangirl! Brooklyn Beckham’s bodyguard is having none of it though so instead I just ended up with a FAB SELFIE…. hmmm. Lipstick is Mac Violetta and Zen Rose that I bought the other week, and sunglasses are F&F of course…

Show Your Age and Re-live the 90’s.

Damage did a set and I’ll tell you now, Jade Jones has stillllllllllllll got it. Lucky Emma Bunton! They don’t make boybands like this anymore – there were dance moves, harmonies, BRING BACK THE 90’s!


I had zero clue that Taylor Lautner was going to be there and I think I was so starstruck that I genuinely forgot to smile or make any sort of attractive face. Damn my lack of facial cooperativeness!  (Team Jacob all the way!)

Try Not To DIE At The Front Of The Stage

You battle your way to the front of the front and things can get tight. But after all that work, you can’t give up your space every time the crowd swells! No sir-ee, not us gals!

Not sure whether my face is scrunched up from drunkness or due to the fact my face is sandwiched between Kayo and two strangers. Hmm.

Watch the sun go down over Finsbury Park

I don’t know what it is but London is a million times better in the summer. I love a London summer, all rooftop bars, daytime drinking, short shorts and barbeques. Not a pair of wellies or raincoats in sight. This is how all festival weather should be.


Chicken Wings. Enough said.

What do YOU think? Are you Team Jacob or Team Edward? Who would you rather have for a dad, Will Smith – or Liam Neeson from Taken? TOUGH QUESTIONS.

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